Reduce your tax liability - and protect your income!

Inland Revenue (HMRC) has focused sharply on the medical profession in recent years, with severe penalties for GPs who fail to lodge accurate tax returns.
As a salaried GP, your tax return must contain precise information about your income from all sources, expense claims and capital gains income.

Are you using the right tax codes?

The wrong tax code If you end up paying too much, you will need expert advice to ensure you obtain the maximum rebate.

If you end up paying too little tax, a hefty tax bill may take you by surprise. In either case, our specialised accountancy services for locum doctors will help ensure a more satisfactory outcome for you.

What personal expenses you be claiming?

There are strict tax rules governing personal expenses for salaried GPs and these are not nearly as generous as those for self-employed GP principals. Any stated expenses must be ‘wholly, necessarily and exclusively’ in the duties of your employment.

Could you make a substantial ?

If you are a recently appointed salaried GP who has not yet completed a tax return, you may be entitled to a significant rebate on subscriptions and memberships to professional associations.

Accounts Direct can help you claim up to 4 years retrospectively, even if you do not have all the necessary information to hand.

Personal expenses claims cover:

  • Professional fees and subscriptions
  • Pensions payments
  • Charitable donations
  • Motor expenses

We will tell you exactly how the rules do or do not apply to your particular circumstances, and therefore how to make the most of the rules as they apply to you so talk to us today.

Streamline and structure to protect your income

Specialised taxation services to protect your earnings
Without the right kind of accounting advice, Locum doctors can stand to lose up to 55% of their income to tax, superannuation and National Insurance contributions.

We find that many Locums who come to us for tax advice and support are needlessly paying 40% of their income in tax along with £1500 each year in unnecessary National Insurance contributions.

Could your income be taxed at 20% instead of 40%?

Could you be saving by splitting your income with a spouse or civil partner?

Are you making use of deferrals to reduce your National Insurance payments?

Are you using the right business structure for the way you work?

Your business should be structured in a way that will best reduce these outgoings.

Are you paying too much in National Insurance contributions?

For many of our locum doctor clients we achieve significant refunds on an annual basis. If you are not using the right tax codes you will probably end up paying too much tax.

Are you using the right tax codes?

One of the major reasons for locum GPs paying too much tax is that they are using the wrong codes.

Skytax will offer you the best advice on how to structure your business for your particular circumstances (Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Company).

Are you claiming all of your expenses?

What you should be claiming:

  • Professional fees and subscriptions
  • Pensions payments
  • Charitable donations
  • Motor expenses
  • Medical equipment

Skytax has vast experience and expertise in accountancy for locum doctors. Talk to us about streamlining your tax affairs, structuring your business and reducing your tax bill to a minimum

How can you avoid the 50% tax rate?

Earn in excess of ?150,000 p.a. and you could be liable for income tax at 50% and NICs at 2% - making 52% of your taxable income in total.
The good news is there are many avenues to be explored in moving you to a different tax bracket.
It may be possible for instance, to split some of your income with a spouse or civil partnership, resulting in income being taxed at 20% or 40%.

Are you using the right tax codes?

One of the main reasons for consultants and hospital doctors paying far too much tax is that they end up using the wrong tax codes.

This can happen quite easily; you may have moved jobs, your payroll may not have been operating in the right way or there may be inaccuracies in the way your personal expenses or private income have been accounted for.

We can let you know very quickly if you’re using the right tax codes for your particular circumstances.

Defer National Insurance contributions and save up to ?2500 per year

As a consultant you probably have at least 2 income sources: NHS and Private Practice. Both are liable to National Insurance Contributions. But did you know there is a maximum amount that any one person has to pay in any one year?

If you have paid the maximum national insurance contributions on your NHS salary alone, we can apply on your behalf to have the National Insurance contributions on private practice income cancelled or deferred.

If your current accountant has not requested a deferral of payment, you will be paying more than you need to, by up to ?2500 per year.

There are many ways to minimise the tax you pay. Determining the best approach requires medical specialist accountants, so talk to Skytax today to see how we can help.


Do you know what your retirement income will be?

You're a member of the NHS superannuation scheme, but do you know what it will give you when you retire?

Many consultants and hospital doctors leave pension planning until a few years before retirement because it is such a complex area.

We offer specialist pension advice to bring you maximum income and security for the future. Contact Skytax to find out how we can help.

Claim up to £3,000 in tax rebate every year

Are you one of the many doctors currently paying too much tax?
The tax man is continuing to hit the medical profession hard. The right kind of advice and support is more important now than it has ever been.

If you are a doctor not currently employing the services of a specialist accounting service, there is a very good chance you are paying too much tax.

Accounts Direct has unrivalled specialist expertise in the medical field. We will help ensure your tax liability is kept to an absolute minimum. We can also help you claim tax relief for professional fees, use of car for business purposes and a range of other expenses.

Our expertise is proven through the experience of our clients who regularly claim up to £3,000 in tax rebates every year.

Getting on top of your tax can be a complex, confusing and frustrating process. Accounts Direct will do all of that work for you, ensuring that you pay less tax every year from now on.

Pay less tax or claim a rebate for unreimbursed employment expenses

Are you missing out on valuable tax relief that could considerably boost your net income? You may be eligible for a reduction of your income tax bill, or even a tax rebate, for expenses you incur as part of your medical work but aren’t paid by your employer.

You can claim the expenses of professional and union membership, training, travel, clothing, laundry and even the cost of equipment for a home office. And because your claims can be backdated by up to four years, a typical doctor’s rebate starts from £2,500.

What you can claim:

Professional bodies and unions fees and subscriptions: Your costs of membership to all of the main UK medical bodies and unions can be claimed in full. Check HMRC’s approved list to confirm that your professional body is eligible.

Professional bodies and unions fees and subscriptions: Your costs of membership to all of the main UK medical bodies and unions can be claimed in full. Check HMRC’s approved list to confirm that your professional body is eligible.

Training and course fees: You may be eligible to claim the costs of training for Continued Professional Development (CPD) going back four years.

Travel expenses: You can claim the cost of travel to professional association meetings and training courses away from your normal place of work, if the costs have not been reimbursed by your employer

Clothing and laundry: HMRC allows you to claim for the costs of uniforms, protective clothing and certain other items of clothing, as well as the costs of cleaning them

Business equipment: You may be able to offset against your income tax bill some of the costs of a home office and the equipment in it – things like your laptop and office furniture.

Most medical professionals incur costs that are not reimbursed by their employer – but are legitimate expenses that can be claimed according to HMRC’s rules. If you failed to claim these expenses, you may have paid too much tax as a result and be eligible for a tax rebate going back four years.

How you can claim:

It’s easy. Simply Contact Accounts Direct and we will prepare and file a tax rebate claim with HMRC on your behalf – it could result in a tax refund of £2,500 or more

To make sure you only pay the correct amount of tax and no more, each year we can prepare your self assessment tax return, potentially adding many more thousands of pounds to your annual net income.

How much could you get back:

By claiming all your expenses allowed under HMRC rules, you can secure a tax rebate and reductions in future income tax bills. To find out how much you can save, talk to Accounts Direct today.

I used to dread accounting month but the last 2 years have been utterly pain free because of this super lot! Efficient, professional, thorough and really dedicated to saving you money. The savings they made me more than paid for their services! Many thanks.


SkyTax helped reactivate the company, get books up to date and all formalities in order as it should be. I'm very happy with how they approached the challenge and came through all the way. Solution oriented, agile, available and fast. 

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