Online Accounting software
for small businesses and contractors

Meet Haibooks, the easy way to manage all your business accounts simply, quickly and accurately. One clear, simple dashboard gives you all the business information you need to take your business further. Check your bank balance, send an invoice or pay a supplier wherever you are, with our easy-to-use online software. And it’s a jargon-free zone.

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Speciliazed Accounting Services for Contractors and Small Businesses

Haibooks is the great new cloud-based accounting software that makes it easy to pay bills and people, invoice
your customers, track your time and expenses, check your financial health and make better business decisions.
And it’s free.

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Online Accounting Software –
why contractors prefer it

SOne must-have tool for small businesses and contractors is cloud-based accounting software online. The digital revolution has accelerated and improved how savvy businesses manage their finances. If you’re not yet onboard with online accounting software, here are seven reasons why you should think about it:

It saves you time

With online accounting software for small business, you’re set up in a few clicks. It’s easy to keep your accounts up to date with a few regular entries, and much of your regular financial inputs like information from invoices and bank statements are uploaded automatically. Everything’s automatically put in the right boxes for analysis, too – it’ll do all the number crunching for you. You’ll free up your time - and that of your staff - to focus on other things. It’s saved you money already.

It’s cost-effective

Accounting software for small business is popular because it’s cost-effective. If you’re tight for cash, online solutions are not expensive and you can choose different levels of support that suit your needs. You may choose add-ons like payroll and time-tracking, too, and with many packages you can pay monthly rather than yearly.

At-a-glance management information 24/7

The best accounting software for small businesses gives you a range of business metrics that helps you make good management decisions.

Your online dashboard will show you your real-time business financial position. You can assess your cash flow, profits and losses and a whole range of other business metrics that will give you clear picture of the health of your business.

You can check expense and sales reports as well as tax summaries, creditors and debtors. You can easily complete your self-assessment tax return from the summaries. You’ll know well in advance if you have a cash flow problem down the line, or one particular client is a problem debtor. That’s a lot of good information!

Online accounting software –
Best for start-ups

Meet Haibooks, the easy way to manage all your business accounts simply, quickly and accurately. One clear, simple dashboard gives you all the business information you need to take your business further. Check your bank balance, send an invoice or pay a supplier wherever you are, with our easy-to-use online software. And it’s a jargon-free zone.

That’s why start-ups in the know (and not just the tech start-ups) choose online
accounting software for the business benefits it brings to skyrocket growth.
And here’s why:

It’s bootstrapping-friendly

When you’re starting a business but you’ve no angel investor or venture capital behind you, you’ll often start with seed money or you’ll plough revenue directly back into your business. The low price of online accounting software packages fits your necessarily frugal mentality but pays you back in time and expertise. You’ll pay a fixed, monthly low cost for a whole host of financial services that you don’t have the skills for and can’t afford to recruit for.

It’s normal

Start-ups, especially those started by millennials, see cloud-based accounting packages as a normal part of everyday business activity and just another service buy-in; like you might with your other business activities, such as your customer management or project tracking systems or social media management.

It’s great for global teams

The digital revolution has given people the freedom to join together in cross-border businesses or partnerships. If you’ve sales reps or consultants in different countries, cloud-based accounting software can track time wherever your staff are and there’s no staff time wasted in manually completing and administering timesheets. Flexible, out-of-office working is fast becoming a standard way of working, and time-tracking options remove those layers of time-stealing bureaucracy.

It’s not Excel

Excel has its uses as a financial tool but it’s not ideal. It takes effort and some level of expertise to create and administer; mistakes are common, there’s no audit trail and it’s hard work to extract useful and timely business information. It also requires good co-ordination and a high level of skill from each user – otherwise you can’t trust the results. Online accounting software is purpose built and validated especially for small business and start-up use. There’s no contest.

Regular health checks

Online accounting software gives start-ups the vital service of a business health check at any time, any place. The flexible 24/7 access to a range of business metrics such as cash flow and profitability means that you can check your financial position anytime with the confidence that it’s accurate and up-to-the-minute. With accurate, timely data, you’ll be able to make good, informed business decisions.

It’s quick

One of the advantages of start-ups is that, because they’re small, they’re agile and responsive to the market. Online accounting software helps to maintain this agility and speed because of its 24/7 accessibility and accuracy.

What our customers say about us

Our mission is to create happy customers, and we work hard every day to make sure that our clients are delighted by what we do for them. And we’re very encouraged by our customers’ testimonials. Take a look at what some of them say about us:

Haibooks has completely changed my mind about my finances: instead of dreading anything to do with numbers, with their help I now feel positive and in control.

It’s given me so much more headspace to focus on developing the business. I’m so pleased with the money they’ve saved me, too!

Ms Amy Dear

Sometimes business can get a little out of control but Haibooks have got everything back on track: they’ve streamlined my finances, got my accounts shipshape and have given the business an excellent foundation from which to move forward.

They’re always available when I need them and they’re solution people, which is so refreshing.

Mr. Tor Karstensen

I work alongside a range of high value individuals, corporations and Tier 1 Investment Banks so I know what good service is. Haibooks give me the same professionalism, forward thinking and level of care and attention.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

Ryan Schiff
CEO Marshall Sterling Asset Management Limited

Haibooks are the kind of people that have your back. They are so courteous and friendly, but what’s even better is that they know their stuff and they’re almost part of my business. I used to spend hours on the phone to HMRC or surfing the web looking for answers, fretting about the finances, but one call to Shams and his team and it’s all sorted. They’ve taken the day-to-day minutiae off my hands, keeping everything in order, and it’s freed up so much of my time.

They do all the horizon-scanning for me, so that I can feel confident that I’m always doing the right thing financially and keeping within the law (because who’s got time to check out every single regulation? Not me). Because Haibooks are great at what they do, it means I can be great at what I do.

Marry Ajakaiye